From “Figure Landscape to Imola Triptych” by Paul Saillant:

…Through his oniric atmospheres, modelled by dense, vibrant brush strokes and using abstract intuitive symbolism, the artist leads us into a fascinating and complex world, sustained by in-depth reflections on the process of art making itself. His creative path does not like to follow easy shortcuts nor does it indulge in ritually provocative gestures aimed at “épater le bourgeois”. His paintings are born from the awareness that he will be able to express the doubts and anguish of the man of the last decades. So he has to starts again from the painting process, abiding by the rules of art, then he tries and re-enlivens motives, schemes and processes that belong to other eras and other cultural traditions with the dedication of a craftsman.

These strange fragments of eternity, these fractions of infinity and soft hilly contours give us the opportunity to ponder over the fragility of our being, to consider man’s actions, whether creative or destructive, and to wonder how man could endure for centuries in spite of everything…

Paul Saillant